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Hana Farms
P.O. Box 818
Hana, HI 96713

Contact: Paul, Taylor

Phone: 808-248-7553

Email: wwoofhanafarms@gmail.com

Last Updated: 07-15-2014

General Description: Hana Farms is an amazing community of culinary artists, farmers and families nestled in the beautiful rainforests of East Maui. Our property is 1/2 mile from the black sand beach, secret freshwater pools, and 3 miles before Hana town. We are minutes from waterfalls, freshwater caves, bamboo forests, venus pools, the red sand beach and fantastic surfing beaches. We are world famous for our 6 varieties of banana bread which we bake daily- and we make a variety of products from the abundance of fruit falling off the trees (hot sauces, jam/jellies, ice-cream and sorbets, juices, and coconut candy, vanilla-bean anything, raw cacao-treats, soaps....we are only limited by our imagination;). We have vegetable and herb garden that is used primarily for people on the property, and an abundance of tropical flowers, orchids, fruit trees, and spice trees tucked in every corner of the land. In the winter months we focus mostly on baking, making and expanding our products, and running our fruit/smoothie stand. The spring and summer we spend more time out in the gardens, propagating, planting, building new beds, pruning/grafting, mulching, building compost, feeding, weeding, soil testing and learning. We got our name "Hana Farms" because our business is centered around a co-operative marketplace that supports more than 40 different farms, artists,and families in our local area. We have a beautiful road-side open-air-marketplace where we sell their fruit, vegetables, blown-glass, art and other crafts from the land. Our work-trade program is 30 hours each week in exchange for lodging, laundry facilities, vegetarian food, internet access, permaculture learning and LoVe. The rest of the days are yours to play and explore. We do try to offer some paid shifts for workers who are interested in making some money while they are here... which can be done in the business (making jams, breads, hot-sauce, candy, soap, running the stand etc...). Please check out our blog that we have set up for our WWOOFers, hanafarms.blogspot.com or visit our Facebook page, they both give a better glimpse into life here at Hana Farms. I think that the best part of our farm is the people. This land seems to attract the most amazing WWOOFers, we share in wonderful evenings around the fire, music, stories, laughter, and make wonderful communal feasts in our jungle kitchen. I feel blessed to be a part of such an incredible farm- and I am grateful to all you amazing WWOOFers out there who have made it just that much more colorful!

Internship Starts: July 2014
Internship Ends: July 2015
Number of Interns: 6
App Deadline:
Minimum Length of Stay: 3-6 Months


Skills Desired:

Educational Opportunities:



Preferred method Of Contact: Email

Internship Details: CURRENT WORK TRADE OPENINGS BAKER....we bake 7 days a week 364 days of the year- and so we are always in need of people who truly LOVE to bake. I believe that the love goes into the food- so this is a job that we reserve for people who have a true desire and passion for baking. We are famous for our banana breads, they are sort of what began this whole thing here. Baking shifts begin at 5 am-til noon .We have 6 different varieties of our bread that we make...and I warn you- the bread is incredibly addictive. Length of stay minimum: 3 months Hours: 35 hrs a week spread over 5 days, usually 4 days baking and 1 day of farming assistant Stipend: $60 PRODUCT MAKER....we make the wonders of our culinary imagination come to life. Pretty much here we are only limited by our imagination. We get fruit both from our own land, as well as from our local growers that we work with, and it comes up to the kitchen to be made into lasting products. Our banana butter and hot sauces are our most popular products. We make jams/jellies, hot sauces, candies, toffee, ice-cream and sorbet....and what ever else we can come up with to make from the abundance of the land. Length of stay minimum: 3 months Hours: 30 hrs a week spread over 5 days (6 hr shifts), usually 4 days product making and 1 day of farming assistant. Stipend: 0 RUNNER & MORNING COORDINATOR....This essential role on the farm in the early hours, requires attention to the many different departments on the farm to make sure each department has what they need for the business day. This role requires that you can drive the farm truck. Basic duties include opening the stand before the staff arrive, moving and layering the days compost, a few basic laundry and cleaning tasks, recycling, feeding the chickens, and running bread and product inventory to the stand. It is a role that requires attention to detail. Length of stay minimum: 3 months Hours: 30 hrs a week spread over 5 days, usually 5 mornings of business (4 hr shifts) and 10 hrs of farming assistant. Stipend: 0 RETAIL SALES.... We have our wonderful community stand. The stand is a fantastic way to meet people in our area. It is likened to a jungle coffee-shop- we have many regulars, great atmosphere- open air- and great for people who like people. There is a morning shift from 8-noon, and then the main shift from noon-7. You also make tips working the stand. We basically sell everything that we make on the land, as well as hand-made goods from our local community. We support nearly 90 different families/artists/farmers in our area through our stand. The basic tasks are just like any you would have at a normal coffee shop, just with more samples, and more tourists asking how to get to various beaches in the area. All-in-all it is a really fun day down there. Length of stay minimum: 3 months Hours: 30 hrs a week, either 5 mornings of business (4 hr shifts) and 10 hrs of farming assistant. OR 3 afternoons of business (7 hr shifts) and 9 hrs of farming assistant. Stipend: 0 + Tips CONSTRUCTION & SPECIAL PROJECTS....Hana Farms was created on bare land with no utilities or structures and over these years we have built everything on the farm. A day is always about building and growing as a farm, a business and a homestead. Current projects range from short term small projects to our larger ongoing projects and will vary from the easy for those eager hammer swingers and construction assistants to those projects currently underway which requires very skilled and professional builders. As a homestead we are always interested in folks that specialize in areas of self sustainability. Current large and fun projects underway include: New kitchen building, new wash room, tiny house on wheels, aquaculture system, water catchment systems, new green house, portable chicken runs. Length of stay minimum: 3 months Hours: 30 hrs a week. Stipend: Negotiable depending on experience. FARMING ASSISTANT....Work with our land manager on our farm crew. Learn about edible landscapes, permaculture and growing in the tropics. The farm work consists of tending our edible landscapes and commercial crops, soil amending, planting food and trees, making compost, lots of weeding, harvesting, organic pest control and occasionally assisting in some general construction. Length of stay minimum: 3 months Hours: 30 hrs a week spread over 5 days (6 hr shifts) Stipend: 0 When sending your application email please make sure you answer the following questions. Make sure to let us know when you were hoping to arrive and your approximate length of stay. If these positions interests you please email us at wwoofhanafarms@gmail.com with "Attra Openings" in the title and tell us a little about yourself. Please include: 1. Your contact information including name, age, and phone number. 2. Which opening you would like to apply for, when you'd like to come, how long you'd like to stay, how flexible you are with these dates. 3. Tell us about you, what you're passionate about, and what you bring to the table. 4. Tell us about any real world experience you have in these fields. 5. Talk about your experiences living in community and/or why you'd like to. 6. Include a picture, it helps us put a face to a name.


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