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Hana Farms
PO Box 818
Hana, HI 96713

Contact: Paul Taylor

Phone: 808-248-7553

Website: http://hanafarmsonline.com/

Last Updated: 03-26-2015

General Description: Hana Farms is located on the lush north eastern coast of Maui, Hawaii, on the famous Hana Highway. We grow a large variety of exotic tropical fruits and spices and produce a variety of products made exclusively of local ingredients. We have developed a large local network of small suppliers all growing, harvesting, and processing fruit in our isolated tropical paradise. Our goal is to encourage and support our local agricultural entrepreneurs and the local economy by marketing and exporting locally grown and produced products.

Hana Farms is located in Hana Maui, on the eastern end of the island. Hana is one of the most isolated communities in the state. It is reached mainly via the famous Hana Highway, a long and winding 52 mile highway along Maui's northern shore.

After the 52-mile drive passing endless breathtaking waterfalls the remote jungle village of Hana finally appears. You will reach Hana Farms around mile marker 31 about three miles before the center of town. Look for the "welcome to Hana" or "Aloha" sign.

Hana Farms is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year from around 7am till sunset. Come visit us for warm banana bread and hot coffee in the mornings and don't forget to stop on the way out of town to stock up for the drive home.

Internship Starts:
Internship Ends:
Number of Interns: 6
App Deadline:
Minimum Length of Stay: 3 months

Meals: We are a food business and homestead and we tend to recruit foodies. One main criteria for accepting people is their interest in healthy local food and a love of cooking. We have found this to be a major strength of our program and encourage residents to enjoy and participate in group meals. We stock a very healthy vegetarian pantry and dairy, though we are not all vegetarians and do occasionally enjoy local caught meats.


Land Worker Program Our farm worker program Work on land only 30 hrs per week for a tent or room/cabin 2-4 month residency or more upon extension

Work Trade Program Our vocational program for kitchen, baking and retail. Work on business only 25 hrs per week for a tent or room/cabin 3-4 month residency or more upon extension

Farm Enterprise Program Mixed business and farm education. Includes some kitchen, baking or retail and some land work.. 30 hrs per week for tent or room/cabin 3-4 month residency or more upon extension

Construction Program Construction and self sustainability projects 30 hrs per week for mixed construction and land assistant 24 hrs per week for skilled construction professionals.

Construction and Special Projects....Hana Farms was created on bare land with no utilities and over these years we have built everything on the farm. A day is always about building and growing as a Farm, Business and Homestead.Current projects range from the short bterm small projects to our larger ongoing projects. Tasks will vary from the easy for those eager hammer swingers and construction/land assistants to those projects which require very skilled construction professionals. As a homestead we are always interested in folks that specialize in areas of self sustainability like aquaculture, bee keeping, chicken husbandry and the construction involved in these areas. Current projects underway include: new kitchen building, wash house, aquaculture system, chicken tractors, water catchment, new green house.

Educational Opportunities: We have huge edible landscapes and a large vegetable garden just for our own food supply. We grow commercial crops of peppers, passion fruit, banana and papaya for our hot sauces, jams and breads. We also have many fruit trees and interesting crops like coffee, cacao, vanilla, chia, moringa. We encourage residents to learn how to harvest from our landscape, learn how to process coffee and cacao, make your own coconut milk, help with a honey harvest etc. Recently we have made our own flour from sweet potato and coconut in our solar dehydrator. It takes a person with curiosity and who is engaged in learning, to discover how to process and cook what we grow and to really contribute well to communal life and benefit from your experience. You will not need money to live here on the farm, we eat very well. We also brew our own beer.

Stipend: No stipend but you will not need money to live here on the farm, we eat very well.

Housing: Our property is 1/2 mile from the black sand beach, secret freshwater pools, and 3 miles before Hana town. We are minutes from waterfalls, freshwater caves, bamboo forests, venus pools, the red sand beach and fantastic surfing beaches. Most residents live in tent platforms and this is a vital part of the jungle farm experience - we try not to have people live in tents too long but most residents here began life on the farm in a tent and will tell you it is a good way to begin life on the farm. We have cabins and rooms available on a first come basis so over time these do become available, however you may be tenting a while as its hard to project when the next cabin would be available. Residents that work in the kitchen or retail tend to get preference for rooms and cabins.

Preferred method Of Contact:

Internship Details: Our farm is an amazing community of artists, farmers, foodies and families nestled in the beautiful rainforests of East Maui. We are world famous for our 6 varieties of banana bread and we make a variety of products from the abundance of fruit falling off the trees (hot sauces, jam/jellies, ice-cream and sorbets, juices, and farm fresh soda, vanilla-bean anything, raw cacao-treats, healing balms....we are only limited by our imagination;). We also run a Farm to Table Pizza restaurant every weekend.

We got our name because our business is centered around our local community that supports more than 30 different farms and families in our local area. We have a beautiful road-side open-air-store where we sell fruit, and local products, art and crafts from the land. I think that the best part of our farm is the people. This land seems to attract the most amazing workers and volunteers, we share in wonderful evenings around the fire, music, stories, laughter, and make wonderful communal feasts in our jungle kitchen. I feel blessed to be a part of such an incredible farm- and I am grateful to all you amazing people out there who have made it just that much more colorful!


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