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Consider this!Take care! There are some very important things to consider before listing or accepting a farm internship.

Internship & Apprenticeship Details

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Malamaki Farm School
P.O. Box 1159
MountainView, HI 96771

Contact: Eddie Clark

Email: Apprentice@stewardshipincorporated.org

Last Updated: 11-06-2017

General Description:

Organic Farm Management Trainee

This is a non-traditional opportunity so we have a non-traditional recruitment process. If the position sounds like something in which you would be interested, please respond to the following questions. Take great care with your response. If we take you on, your response to these questions will be the cornerstone of your contract with us. If you tell us what you think we want to hear, you are setting yourself up for certain failure. Also, you haven’t a clue as to what we "want to hear".

1. What do you intend to do with the rest of your life?

2. WHY? (That's the key question)

3. Please describe the (functional) steps you perceive as fundamental to achieving your intentions.

Simply tell the truth and tell the truth simply. We are not looking for eloquence, just clarity of purpose. If we are in a position to facilitate your objectives, we will respond. If you are not yet absolutely clear what you are up to, please save us all a lot of time and heartache. This opportunity would not work out for you.

P.S. We would also love to peruse your resume.

Internship Starts: 10/28/2017
Internship Ends: 10/28/2050
Number of Interns: 6
App Deadline: 10/28/2050
Minimum Length of Stay: 10 years

Meals: All. Open kitchen. Omnivorous/organic.

Skills Desired: Verifiable work experience in any of the following: Organic Farming. Agroforestry. Irrigation and Water Management/Storage/Drainage. Off-grid Power. Farm Structures. Farm Mechanics. Livestock/Pasture Management. Related hands-on environmental work experience. We are not open to novices wishing to "give farming a try" or undergraduates looking for field experience. Due to the scope of our enterprise, we can make good use of any skills you bring.

Educational Opportunities: All facets of appropriate applied technology.

Stipend: Negotiable

Housing: Comfortable

Preferred method Of Contact: email

Internship Details: This offer has no expiration date and no limit to the number of apprentices we can take on.


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