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Position Description:
"The purpose of the Apprenticeship at Robinette Farms is to provide real life training for future small-scale farmers. Our goal is that Apprentices could leave here with enough basic experience to start their own operation at some level. The Apprenticeship requires long hours and hard work on a daily basis, but also provides the experience of learning the ins and outs of farming. Apprentices will receive in the field training and first hand details of managing a small diversified farm. We are looking for highly motivated people who will work quickly and smartly and who have the drive to learn...

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Position Description:
"Interns will be involved in all aspects of production and marketing on a small vegetable farm. Opportunities to focus within the operation are included to fit the applicant. This could include a focus on high tunnel production, marketing, field production, post-harvest management, etc. Our diverse marketing outlets will give opportunities to learn to sell direct to consumer, wholesale to local stores, and directly to food service clients. "