Agricultural Enterprise Areas Help Protect Wisconsin Farmland

Agricultural Enterprise Areas (AEAs) are community-led efforts to establish designated areas important to Wisconsin’s agricultural future. As a part of the state’s Farmland Preservation Program, AEAs strive to support local farmland protection goals. Through this designation, communities can encourage continued agricultural production and investment in the local agricultural economy. Eligible landowners within an AEA can sign a 15-year farmland preservation agreement committing all or a portion of their farm to agricultural use and maintaining state soil and water conservation standards. In return, they may be eligible to claim the farmland preservation tax credit. Currently, the Sauk County Land Resources and Environment Department is working with landowners in the Bear Creek agricultural enterprise area (AEA) to further protect and support farmland preservation. Landowners in the AEA who sign a new farmland preservation agreement will receive a $2,000 signing bonus for enrolling up to 200 acres, or a $3,000 signing bonus for enrolling more than 200 acres. A limited amount of funding is available.