Are there any effective organic controls for army worms in wheat?

D.B. MichiganAnswer: There is a Bt product that has been used in pastures and is labeled for forage crops. The product is called Xentari?; it should be available through regular channels and is on the OMRI approved list for use in organic production. The manufacturer recommends a 2-pound per acre rate for the larger worms, less if you catch them when they are smaller. Insecticidal soap is listed for caterpillars and several other insects. Insecticidal soap is cleared under the national rule section 205.601.e(6). See below for a source of Safer’s Insecticidal soap. For longer-term management, our entomologist suggests erecting some bat houses on your farm. Bats feed on flying moths at night and should reduce the numbers of adult army worm moths arriving in your fields. We can provide more information on bat houses if you desire. Resources Safer’s line of insect and weed controls. Organic and Hydroponic Gardeners Emporium. See at XenTari Biobest Biological Systems. Biological Insecticides. Valent BioSciences Corporation.