Are there seed suppliers for the wild oats called uloff?

Thought to be the progenitor of cultivated oats (Avena sativa), Avena sterilis – otherwise known as uloff, eulof, or ulouf – is an invasive weed species that has become naturalized in many parts of the U.S. In Turkey, populations of A. sterilis have recently caused great concern after becoming resistant to herbicides.A. sterilis is on the federal/APHIS noxious weed list and on similar lists in 45 states (including Florida). (See Before proceeding further, you should check with your Florida Department of Agriculture to avoid sanctions and possibly fines. Seed is not readily available through commercial channels, or from the Seed Savers Exchange. It is not listed as an edible grain in the compendium Cornucopia: A Source Book of Edible Plants. Only with proper permits would you be able to secure some for legitimate research purposes from companies specializing in weed seeds.Although genes from this species are being studied for possible use in enhancing protein content of cultivated oats, the wild Avena would not be appreciably more nutritious than a commercial box of plain rolled oats.