Oilseed Processing for Small-Scale Producers

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By Al Kurki, Janet Bachmann
and Holly Hill
NCAT Agriculture Specialists

Published: 2008

Updated: August 2018 by Al Kurki, NCAT Ag Specialist



12 pages


There are many varieties of seeds and nuts that can produce oils for food, nutraceuticals, skincare products, aromatherapies, fuels, and industrial lubricants. This publication describes the basic processes involved in oil processing, including seed cleaning, extraction, clarification, packaging, and storage. Sources for more information and equipment are included in the References and Resources sections at the end of the publication.

Table of Contents

Getting Started
Basic Processing Steps
Oilseed By-Products: Meal and Hulls
Adding value Adds Costs
Oils as Food and Fuel: A (Bio) Oilman's Story
Further Resources

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