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Energy Saving Tips for Irrigators

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By Mike Morris and Vicki Lynne

Published: 2006

Updated: 2006



16 pages


This publication describes ways that irrigators can save energy to reduce irrigation costs. It describes recommended irrigation system installations, explains how utilities charge their irrigation customers for electricity, and describes common causes of wasted energy, as well as common energy-saving hardware improvements. It also includes a do-it-yourself method to estimate the efficiency of electrically powered irrigation systems. A listing of references and resources follows the narrative.

Table of Contents

Recommended Installations
Centrifugal Pumping Plant Installation with Electric Motor
Turbine Pump Installation
Electrical Use and Power Bill Charges
Common Causes of Wasted Energy
Hardware Improvements
A Simple Method to Estimate the Pumping Plant Efficiency of an Electrically Powered Sprinkler Irrigation System
Further Resources

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