Cucumber Beetles: Organic and Biorational Integrated Pest Management

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By Steve Diver and Tammy Hinman

Published: 0000

Updated: 2008



20 pages


Cucumber beetles are present throughout the United States and cause serious damage to cucurbit crops. Overwintering adult insects cause feeding damage on young plants, larvae in the soil feed on plant roots and second-generation adults cause feeding damage on plant leaves, blossoms and fruits. Adult insects transmit bacterial wilt and squash mosaic virus. Organic and biorational integrated pest management measures include delayed planting, trap crops, floating row covers, parasitic organisms and botanical pesticides. Field scouting or yellow sticky traps can monitor insect populations.

Table of Contents

Species of cucumber beetles
Life cycle of the cucumber beetle
Damage to plants by cucumber beetles
Organic control measures
Population monitoring
Cultural practices
Trap crops, trap baits and sticky traps
Predators and parasites
Botanical and biorational insecticides

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