Biointensive Integrated Pest Management

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By Rex Dufour

Published: 2001

Updated: 2001



52 pages


This publication provides the rationale for biointensive Integrated Pest Management (IPM), outlines the concepts and tools of biointensive IPM, and suggests steps and provides informational resources for implementing IPM. It is targeted to individuals interested in agriculture at all levels.

Table of Contents

"Conventional" and "Biointensive" IPM
Why Move to Biointensive IPM?
Components of Biointensive IPM
How to Get Started
The Pest Manager/Ecosystem Manager
Proactive Strategies (Cultural Controls)
Biological Controls
Mechanical and Physical Controls
Pest Identification
Economic Injury and Action Levels
Special Considerations
Cosmetic Damage and Aesthetics
Time and Resources
Chemical Controls
Integrated Weed Management Systems
Current Status of IPM
Crops with Developed IPM Programs
Government Policy
The Future of IPM
Food Quality Protection Act
New Options
More Weed IPM
On-farm Resources
IPM Online
IPM Certification and Marketing
Appendices A-F
A: IPM Planning Considerations
B: Microbial Pesticides
C: Microbial Pesticide Manufacturers and Suppliers
D: Conservation Security Act 2000
E: Pest Management Practices in Major Crops
F: IPM Information Resources

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