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Guide for Organic Livestock Producers

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By Linda Coffey and Ann H. Baier ~ NCAT Agriculture Specialists

Published: 2004

Updated: November 2012



112 pages


This guide is an overview of the process of becoming certified organic. It is designed to explain the USDA organic regulations as they apply to livestock producers. If you are also producing crops, you will need the "Guide for Organic Producers" to understand the regulations pertaining to the land and to crop production. In addition to explaining the regulations, both guides give examples of the practices that are allowed for organic production.

Table of Contents

Section 1
Overview of Organic Certification and Production ~ Chapters 1-6

Section 2
Pastures and Hay Crops ~ Chapters 7-14

Section 3
Livestock ~ Chapters 15-25

Section 4
Handling of Organic Feed and Livestock Products ~ Chapters 26-30

Appendix 1
Organic Poultry Considerations

Appendix 2
Organic Pig Production

Appendix 3
Organic Cattle, Sheep, and Goats for Meat Production

Appendix 4
Cattle, Sheep, and Goats for Dairy

Appendix 5

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