National Organic Program Compliance Checklist for Handlers

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By Holly Born

Published: 2006

Updated: 2006



20 pages


This Checklist assists in assessing the compliance of your handling or processing operation with National Organic Program Standards. The Checklist is divided into eight sections. Sections 2 through 7 correspond to the six categories of information required in the Organic Production and Handling System Plan, including Practices and Procedures, Inputs, Monitoring, Recordkeeping and Commingling and Contamination.

Table of Contents

Section 1: General: Must I Certify My Operation?
Subsection 1.a: Exempt Handling Operations
Subsection 1.b: Excluded Handling Operations
Subsection 1.c: Certified Organic Operations
Section 2: Practices & Procedures
Subsection 2.a: General
Subsection 2.b: Product Composition
Subsection 2.c: Labels and Labeling
Subsection 2.d: Facility Pest Management
Section 3: Inputs
Subsection 3.a: Food Ingredients
Subsection 3.b: Processing Aids
Subsection 3.c: Sanitizers
Subsection 3.d: Facility Pest Management
Section 4: Monitoring Practices & Procedures
Section 5: Recordkeeping
Section 6: Commingling and Contamination
Section 7: Additional Information Required

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