Organic Standards for Livestock Production: Excerpts of USDA's National Organic Program Regulations

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By Ann H. Baier

Published: 2010

Updated: 2010



16 pages


This collection of standards from the USDA's National Organic Program (NOP) provides the reader with key standards relevant to certified organic livestock production. Two similar publications are available from ATTRA for crop production (all ruminant livestock producers must produce pasture) and handling of organic products.

Organic Standards are subject to revision or amendment. Please check the National Organic Program (NOP) website for the most current version of the Rule.

Table of Contents

Recordkeeping by certified operations
Organic production and handling system plan
Origin of livestock
Livestock feed
Livestock health care practice standard
Livestock living conditions
Pasture practice standard
Temporary variances
Synthetic substances allowed
Non-synthetic substances prohibited
Terms defined

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