Dairy Resource List: Organic and Pasture-Based

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By Margo Hale

Published: 2006

Updated: 2006



16 pages


This resource list offers many sources of information helpful to organic and pasture-based dairy farmers, on topics including general organic dairying, pasture productivity, animal management, milk marketing, and farm energy. This annotated list provides information on some of the best resources, both in-print and online, but is not meant to be all inclusive.

Table of Contents

Organic Dairying Overview: Grass-Based Production and Organic Systems
Soil Organic Matter and Pasture Productivity: The Basics of Grass-Based Dairy Systems
Forages and Grazing: Planning the Grazing Season
Animal Management
Milk Marketing
Dairy Financial Management
Dairy Farm Energy Resources
Pasture and Dairy Research from Extension, Research Organizations, etc.

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