Dairy Farm Sustainability Checksheet

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By Ann Wells and Ron Morrow

Published: 2001

Updated: 2001



24 pages


This checksheet is designed to stimulate critical thinking in planning a farm on which a primary enterprise is milk production. This relates to all dairy species: cattle, goats, and sheep. The sustainability of a farm relates to many factors revolving around farm management, use of resources, and quality of life. The series of questions is intended to stimulate awareness rather than serve as a rating of management practices. Carefully think about how decisions made in one area impact the results in other areas of your farm. Use this 24-page guide to define areas in your farm management that might be enhanced, and to identify areas of strength as well.

Table of Contents

Inventory of Farm Resources and Management
I. Farm Planning and Goals
II. Farm Management
A. Records
B. Farm planning
III. Facilities
IV. Livestock and Forage Program
A. Herd health and reproductive management
B. Breeding, genetics and selection program
C. Nutrition management
D. Pastures
E. Confinement
F. Harvested forages
V. Nutrient Management
VI. Alternative Dairy Farming
VII. Marketing
VIII. Assessment of Individual Pastures
IX. Assessment of Soils
X. Assessment of Watershed
XI. Summary
XII. Suggested Resources

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