Tree Fruits: Organic Production Overview

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By George Kuepper, Guy K. Ames and Ann Baier

Published: 2004

Updated: 2004



32 pages


This guide is an overview of issues relevant to commercial organic production of temperate zone tree fruits and, to a lesser extent, tree nuts. It includes discussions of marketing and economics, orchard design, and cultural considerations, including crop varieties, site selection, site preparation, soil fertility, weed control, and pest management (insects, diseases, and vertebrates). It raises questions for the grower to consider in making decisions about orchard and enterprise design. Lists of electronic and print resources offer further, more detailed information.

Table of Contents

Organic Fruit Production
Marketing and Economic Considerations
Planning and Planting an Organic Orchard
Managing an Established Organic Fruit Orchard
Postharvest Handling

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