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Beef Marketing Alternatives

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By Anne Fanatico and Lee Rinehart

Published: 2006

Updated: 2006



28 pages


This publication explores marketing alternatives for small-scale cattle ranchers who would like to add value to the beef they produce. Part One discusses methods to add value within the conventional marketing system, including retained ownership and cooperative marketing. Part Two introduces alternative marketing strategies, including niche markets for "natural," lean, and organic beef. Production considerations for pasture-finished beef are given special attention. A section on direct marketing focuses on connecting with consumers and developing a product. Processing and legal issues are also covered. This publication also provides information on developing prices for retail beef based on wholesale prices and desired mark-up, and for determining carcass value. A list of resources provides suggestions for further reading, contact information for several producers and marketers of "alternative" beef, and Web pages of interest.

Table of Contents

Part One: Adding Value to Beef in the Conventional Market
Part Two: Alternative Marketing of Beef

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