Ruminant Nutrition for Graziers

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By Lee Rinehart

Published: 2008

Updated: 2008



20 pages


Cattle, sheep and goats have the ability to convert plant carbohydrates and proteins into available nutrients for human use, making otherwise unusable land productive. However, proper care of the land and its grazing animals requires a sound understanding of ruminant nutrition. This publication provides managers with tools and references to consider biological and climatological variables and make decisions that ensure the ecological and economic viability of a grass-based ruminant livestock operation.

Table of Contents

The Value of Grassland Agriculture
Ruminant Physiology
Nutrient Requirements of Grazing Livestock
Forage Resources and Grazing Nutrition
Matching Nutritional Requirements of Livestock to the Forage Resource
Supplementing Protein or Energy: When is it Necessary?
Forage Sampling and Production (Yield) Estimates
Plant Toxicity and Grazing-Related Disorders
Grazing Management

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