Pork: Marketing Alternatives

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By Lance Gegner

Published: 2004

Updated: 2004



27 pages


This publication suggests that sustainable hog producers consider alternative marketing approaches for their pork. Sustainable hog producers are creating products that many consumers can't find in their grocery stores, but want to buy. Consumers perceive sustainably raised pork to be healthier to eat. They are willing to pay hog producers more for raising pigs in a manner that is humane, helps sustain family farms, and is more environmentally friendly than conventional production methods. Direct marketing and niche markets are among the alternative marketing strategies discussed. Legal considerations, labels, trademarks, processing regulations, and obstacles are addressed. Sources of additional information are also provided.

Table of Contents

Commodity vs. Niche Marketing
What is Direct Marketing?
Where are the Niche Markets?
Niche Marketing Opportunities
Niche Marketing with Others
Individual Direct Marketing Opportunities
Developing a Clientele Base
Marketing Channels
Carcass Cutout and Pricing
Additional Resources

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