Hooped Shelters for Hogs

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By Lance Gegner

Published: 2005

Updated: 2005



16 pages


Hooped shelters have evolved as an alternative hog-finishing and/or gestating sow housing option. This publication discusses some of the advantages and disadvantages of using hooped structures. It provides information on hoop barn design, deep bedding, waste management, and minimal-stress handling, as well as some cost analyses. In addition, it discusses the use of hoop barns for organic hog production and for Niman Ranch hog producers. Sources of additional information are also provided.

Table of Contents

Hooped Shelter Design for Finishing Hogs
Hooped Shelter Design for Gestating Sows
Deep Bedding
Manure Clean-out and Composting
Cost Analysis for Gestating Sows
Working Pigs with Minimal Stress
Sources of Additional Information

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