An Illustrated Guide to Sheep and Goat Production (Hmong language version) Lb phau duab qhia txog kev tu yaj thiab tshis


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By Linda Coffey and Margo Hale

Published: 2008

Updated: 2008



20 pages


Sheep and goats are versatile animals and can be valuable and enjoyable additions to many farms, providing meat, milk and fiber products, as well as brush control and pasture improvement services. This 20-page, basic and heavily graphic introduction to sheep and goat production discusses animal selection, feeding, breeding and young stock, equipment and handling, and marketing. This publication has been translated into the Hmong language.

Table of Contents

Kev xiav
Kev pub noj thiab thaj hav nyom
Kev tu tsiaj mos
Kev noj qab hauv huv
Chaw tu thiab txhom tshiaj
Kiab khw
Thaum xaus
Lwm phau tawv qhia

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