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Pastured Poultry: An HPI Case Study Booklet

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By Anne Fanatico

Published: 1999

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34 pages


This booklet summarizes the experiences of 35 Southern farm families who from 1996-1999 participated in a project titled 'Integrating Pastured Poultry into the Farming Systems of Limited Resource Farmers,' conducted by the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) and Heifer Project International (HPI).

Table of Contents

Foreword & Acknowlegements
"Pastured Poultry is a Niche Market You Can Tap"
Advantages of a Pastured Poultry System
Major Activities of the Project
Future & Collaborative Work
Featured Farmers
Laura & Ralph Rogers -- Woodbine, Kentucky
Alvin & Rosa Shareef -- New Medinah, Mississippi
Ben Gamble -- Flatwood, Alabama
Plen Yep -- Inman, South Carolina
Summarizing the Experiences of 19 Poultry Producers in the South
Pen Construction
Brooding Set-ups
Weather Issues
Pasture Management
Labor & Earnings
Quality of Life
Appendix 1 - Estimated Income/Expense Analysis per Batch of 100 Broilers
Appendix 2 - Average Production Figures
Appendix 3 - Summary of 1996 Production Figures
Appendix 4 - Summary of 1997 Production Figures
Appendix 5 - Summary of 1998 Production Figures
Appendix 6 - Resources
Appendix 7 - List of Project Coordinators

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