Poultry House Management for Alternative Production


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By Anne Fanatico

Published: 2007

Updated: 2007



16 pages


This publication addresses the indoor environment for poultry in alternative production. While access to the outdoors is an important feature of many alternative or free-range production systems, aspects of the indoor environment and its management are also crucial. Poultry need access to an appropriate indoor environment for good production and welfare. Ideally, poultry should choose an environment; whether to be indoors or outdoors. Attention to ventilation, temperature, lighting, and litter conditions is needed. Additional good management practices include rodent control with a minimum of toxic materials. Alternative poultry production is often on a small scale, with portable houses. Production may be certified organic. Special practices may be needed compared to conventional poultry production. Alternative poultry production is a way to boost farm income and add fertility or diversity to a farm, while providing specialty poultry products to consumers as a part of sustainable agriculture.

Table of Contents

    Air quality
Brooding Environment and Management
    General management
    Rodent control
Appendix 1: Mechanical Ventilation
Appendix 2: Composting Poultry Litter

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