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Grazing Contracts for Livestock

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By Tim Johnson, Hannah Sharp and Lee Rinehart

Published: n/a

Updated: August 2016
by Lee Rinehart
NCAT Ag Specialist



20 pages


Grazing livestock for other farmers or ranchers is a good way to make an income from rented or leased land without the expense of livestock ownership. It requires knowledge of livestock, but more importantly, knowledge of how to make money from grass. This publication discusses some of the issues involved with contract grazing, including pasture and grazing, the various classes of livestock, equipment, a sample contract, some of the economics to consider, and other resources available on the subject.

Table of Contents

Pastures and Grazing
Classes of Livestock to Graze
Leasing Pasture
Grazing Contracts
Economic Projections and Budgets
Further Resources
Appendix 1: Responsibilities to Be Defined in a Contract Heifer - Raising Agreement
Appendix 2: Sample Contract - Grazing Agreement

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