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Rotational Grazing

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By Alice E. Beetz, Lee Rinehart

Published: 2004

Updated: 2010



12 pages


Rotational grazing is a grazing management strategy characterized by periodical movement of livestock to fresh paddocks to allow pastures time to regrow before they are grazed again. Rotational grazing requires skillful decisions and close monitoring of their consequences. Modern electric fencing and innovative water-delivery devices are important tools. Feed costs decline and animal health improves when animals harvest their own feed in a well-managed rotational grazing system. This publication includes lists of resources for further research and other ATTRA publications related to rotational grazing.

Table of Contents

Choosing a Grazing System
Making the Change
Fencing and Water Systems
Forage Growth
Managing Forage Growth
Seasonal Adjustments
Effects on the Animals
Grazing Planning and Economics
Information Resources

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