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Pasture, Rangeland, and Grazing Management

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By Lee Rinehart

Published: 2008

Updated: 2008



20 pages


In a time of high-cost inputs, pasture-based livestock production systems can naturally maintain soil and plant integrity while growing healthy ruminants. This publication updated in 2008 profiles the general types of pastures and rangelands and offers information about management and expected yields. Weed management strategies are also discussed and tips are offered to rehabilitate depleted land. Issues in grazing management, such as paddock development, plant selection, drought and plant toxicosis, are also discussed. Resources and references are also presented.

Table of Contents

Temperate pasture
Managing soil and forage resources
Intake, sward density and grazing period
Legumes and soil fertility
Stocking rate
Ecological weed management in pastures
Multispecies grazing
Pasture renovation and establishment
Rotational grazing and paddock size
Plant species and systems for extending the grazing season
Prescribed grazing on rangeland
Developing a grazing management plan on rangeland
Managing for drought
Plant toxicity
Further Resources

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