Organic Allium Production

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By Katherine Adam

Published: 2006

Updated: 2006



20 pages


Alliums are a cool-season crop grown in most regions of the U.S. This publication addresses commercial culinary alliums, except garlic. A brief history of the onion is presented and some of the major varieties, growing regions, and types of bulbs are presented. Marketing and economic considerations of the varieties of dehydrator and fresh bulb onions are also discussed. Production and processing issues are briefly reviewed, as are crops such as shallots and leeks. Soils, climate, and planting considerations are also discussed. Weed management and an overview of major pests and their control are also presented. Post-harvest handling and storage issues are mentioned along with a brief review of current research.

Table of Contents

Marketing and Economics
Production Budgets
Other Types of Bulb Onion Crops
Are Onion Crops Alternative?
Soil Fertility and Climate
Planting Systems
Control of Weeds, Insect Pests, and Diseases
Insect Pest Management
Disease Management
Harvest/Post-harvest Handling/Storage
Further Resources

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