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Solar-Powered Livestock Watering Systems

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By Mike Morris and Vicki Lynne

Published: 2002

Updated: December 2012 by Chris Lent



12 pages


Because of falling prices, long life, and low maintenance requirements, solar is rapidly becoming the first choice for pumping water in remote locations. This publication gives an introduction to solar-powered livestock-watering systems, including discussions of cost, components, and terminology, as well as some suggestions for designing and installing these systems. The strengths and weaknesses of solar pumping are compared to the main options for pumping in remote locations: mechanical windmills, wind turbines, and portable generators powered by gas, propane, or diesel fuel. Design considerations for freeze protection in water-pumping systems are also discussed. Descriptions of four successful projects and a brief resource list are included.

Table of Contents

Solar Pumping TechnologyóWhat You Need to Know
Designing and Installing Systems
Frost Free System Designs
Project Descriptions

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