Evaluating a Farming Enterprise

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By Preston Sullivan and Lane Greer; updated by Tammy Hinman

Published: 2002

Updated: 2011



20 pages


There is a growing movement within the United States to get back to the land—to start developing hands-on, land-based careers. The faces of new farmers vary widely, from young college graduates to others who are starting a second career or simply retiring into farming. Those in second careers often own land and need help developing an enterprise that works with their property and goals. Those who have recently graduated still want to make a go of farming but often have the added challenge of not owning land. Determining what to grow and how to sell it are the first steps in starting a farm-based business. This publication will help the reader take these important first steps.

Table of Contents

Who Will Benefit From This Publication?
Evaluating Your Resources. What Are You Starting With?
Choosing an Enterprise
Is Your Enterprise a Profitable One?
Marketing Your New Enterprise
Further Resources

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