Positive Practices in Farm Labor Management

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Published: 2008

Updated: 2008



16 pages


This handbook highlights a broad range of positive labor practices—including many that are no-cost or low-cost—that can help you to improve worker satisfaction and retention on your farm. This handbook is based upon "Best Labor Practices on 12 California Farms: Toward a More Sustainable Food System," published by the California Institute for Rural Studies.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Creating a “Triple-Win” Situation for Farmers,
Employees and Agricultural Communities
1. Respectful Treatment
2. Fair Compensation
3. Year-Round Employment
4. Traditional Benefits
5. Non-Traditional Benefits
6. Safe and Healthy Workplace
7. Direct Hiring and Recruitment
8. Team-Based Management Structures
9. Open Communication and Decision-Making
10. Opportunities for Professional Development and Advancement
Adding Value to Your Products with Positive Labor Practices:
A Guide to New Market Opportunities
Further Agricultural Labor Management Resources

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