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Foliar Fertilization

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By George Kuepper

Published: 2003

Updated: 2003



10 pages

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Please note: This ATTRA publication has been archived or discontinued.
Therefore, the information contained in it may not be up to date.


Foliar fertilization (or foliar feeding) entails the application—via spraying—of nutrients to plant leaves and stems and their absorption at those sites. It is a viable (though somewhat controversial) means of enhancing crop nutrition. Foliar fertilization is a tool used in both conventional and alternative production systems. This publication covers the basics of foliar feeding, discusses formulation of foliar sprays, and addresses component fertilizers for foliar fertilization.

Table of Contents

Foliar Fertilization and Pest Resistance
The Basics of Foliar Feeding
Further Application Technologies
Formulating Foliar Sprays
Component Fertilizers for Foliar Fertilization
Crop Manipulation through Foliar Fertilization
Further Resources

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