Applying the Principles of Sustainable Farming

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By Preston Sullivan

Published: 2003

Updated: 2003



16 pages


Sustainable farming meets environmental, economic, and social objectives simultaneously. Environmentally sound agriculture is nature-based rather than factory-based. Economic sustainability depends on profitable enterprises, sound financial planning, proactive marketing, and risk management. Social sustainability results from making decisions with the farm family's and the larger community's quality of life as a value and a goal. This 16-page publication discusses the principles of environmental, economic, and social sustainability, and provides practical examples of how to apply them on the farm.

Table of Contents

Environmental Sustainability
Economic Sustainability
Social Sustainability
Planning and Decision Making
Applying the Principles
Composts, Manures, and Fertilizers
Weed Management
Insect Pest Management
Plant Disease Management
Examples of Successful Transitions

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