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Holistic Management: A Whole-Farm Decision Making Framework

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By Preston Sullivan

Published: 2001

Updated: 2001



12 pages


This publication serves as an introduction to holistic management and provides resources for further information. Holistic Management™ is a decision making framework that assists farmers and others in establishing a long-term goal, a detailed financial plan, a biological plan for the landscape and a monitoring program to assess progress toward the goal. Holistic Management helps managers to ask the right questions and guides them in setting priorities. In holistic financial planning, profit is planned at the beginning of the year. This is in stark contrast to conventional financial planning where the net profit is often non-existent or a small amount left over once expenses are accounted for.

Table of Contents

What is Holistic Management?
The Holistic Management Process
Financial Planning
The Landscape That Sustains Us
Deciding Which Tools to Use
Testing Decisions
Monitoring Our Decisions
Holistic Management-In Practice
Training is Available

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