Introduction to Permaculture: Concepts and Resources

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By Steve Diver

Published: 2002

Updated: 2002





Please note: This ATTRA publication has been archived or discontinued.
Therefore, the information contained in it may not be up to date.


Permaculture is about designing ecological human habitats and food production systems. This publication discusses permaculture concepts and applications, and offers listings of resource organizations and references on permaculture.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Permaculture
Permaculture Defined
Characteristics of Permaculture
The Practical Application of Permaculture
The Ethics of Permaculture
The Principles of Permaculture Design
Permaculture Resources
United States
Around the world
Books on Permaculture
A Few Good Books for the Permaculturist's Bookshelf
Agroforestry Resources
E-Mail Discussion Lists, Web Forums, & e-mail Web Archives
Permaculture Web Links and Resources
Manuals, Primers, and Syllabi on Permaculture
On-Line Articles, Fact Sheets & Proceedings
Permaculture in North America
Permaculture in Australia
Permaculture in Europe
Permaculture Around the World
Plants for Permaculture
Permaculture Technologies
Bioregional & Eco-Village Links
Virtual Libraries on Permaculture & Sustainability
Agroforestry Web Sites
Holistic Management
About this Publication (formerly The Permaculture FAQ)

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