Small-Scale Wind Energy on the Farm


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By Cathy Svejkovsky

Published: 2007

Updated: 2012 by Dave Ryan



20 pages


Wind-generated electricity is attracting the interest of farmers, ranchers, and other landowners across the country. People find wind energy attractive for a variety of reasons, including its potential economic benefits and its lower impact on the environment when compared to coal and other electric power generation fuels. Wind-generated electricity can help farmers and ranchers reduce their energy costs, an important consideration in these days of continually increasing utility rates. This publication will introduce you to small-scale wind energy to help you decide if wind energy is an economical option for your farm or ranch.

Table of Contents

Why Should I Choose Wind?
How Do Wind Turbines Work?
Is Wind Energy Practical for Me?
Is There Enough Wind at My Site?
Zoning Issues
What Size Wind Turbine Do I Need?
What are the Basic Parts of a Small Wind Electric System?
What Do Wind Systems Cost?
How Much Energy Will My System Generate?
Grid-Connected Systems
Can I Sell My Excess Electricity to the Utility?
Financial Incentives

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