Biodiesel Use, Handling, and Fuel Quality

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By Andrew Pressman and Mike Morris

Published: 2007

Updated: 2007



12 pages


This publication addresses questions that farmers and ranchers may have about using biodiesel in diesel engines. Biodiesel can be substituted for petroleum-based diesel fuel in virtually any standard unmodified diesel engine. However, biodiesel has chemical properties that require somewhat different use and handling. While most biodiesel users experience few if any problems, consumers can take precautions to avoid potential problems associated with poor quality fuel.

Table of Contents

Biodiesel, Ethanol, Vegetable Oil: What's the Difference?
Biodiesel Blends and Blending
Biodiesel Storage
Issues and Concerns
ASTM Standards
The BQ-9000 Program
Warranty Issues
How Can I Be Sure I'm Getting Good Fuel?
Fuel Quality Testing

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