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Switchgrass as a Bioenergy Crop

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By Lee Rinehart

Published: 2006

Updated: 2006



12 pages


Switchgrass is a native warm-season, perennial grass indigenous to the Central and North American tall-grass prairie into Canada. The plant is an immense biomass producer that can reach heights of 10 feet or more. Its high cellulosic content makes switchgrass a candidate for ethanol production as well as a combustion fuel source for power production. This publication discusses agricultural production aspects of switchgrass. Varieties, seed sources, crop establishment, management, and harvesting issues are presented. Ecological considerations are also discussed and a case study is presented along with references and further resources.

Table of Contents

Description, Range, and Adaptation
Switchgrass Ecotypes and Varieties
Establishment, Management, and Harvest
Ecological Considerations: Prairies and Farmscapes
Feedstock Quality
Economics and Multiple Uses of Switchgrass
Other Cellulosic Feedstocks
References and Resources

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