Ethanol Opportunities and Questions


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By Mike Morris and Amanda Hill

Published: 2006

Updated: 2006



16 pages


Ethanol is a valuable alternative to petroleum-based transportation fuels. This publication offers a brief and non-technical description of how ethanol is made, explains some of its uses and advantages, discusses several common questions about ethanol, and offers suggestions for further reading. Ethanol can provide significant environmental benefits, can be produced sustainably from renewable sources, and lends itself to local and regional production. Emerging technologies that produce ethanol from cellulosic feedstocks are discussed, as well as economic opportunities for American farmers and rural communities. References and resource listings follow the narrative.

Table of Contents

Ethanol Basics
What is Cellulosic Ethanol?
Uses and Advantages of Ethanol
Air Quality
Ethanol Incentives
The Energy Balance of Ethanol
Genetic Engineering
Soil and Water Impacts
Using Food Crops to Produce Fuel
Local vs. Corporate Ownership
Further Resources

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