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Pastured Poultry Budgets: Slow Growing Broiler and Organic Comparisons

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By Betsy Conner

Published: 2010

Updated: 2010



8 pages


Pastured poultry producers are becoming more interested in raising slow-growing meat chickens and using organic production practices. Slow-growing meat chickens are an appropriate choice for pastured systems, and transition to organic is an option since the birds have outdoor access. Pastured systems that use slower-growing breeds and are certified organic are more expensive than the typical system raising fast-growing Cornish-Cross under traditional practices, so it is important to analyze and compare the costs and potential profits in each approach. This publication offers comparison budgets for raising both fast-growing and slow-growing birds on pasture, under both organic and non-organic systems.

Table of Contents

Slow-growing birds
Budget Details
Large Scale Production

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