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Organic Tomato Production

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By Steve Diver, George Kuepper, and Holly Born

Published: October 1995

Updated: September 2012 by Tammy Hinman, Ann Baier, and Leah Riesselman



24 pages


This publication addresses practical questions on organic tomato production. It focuses on the specific production challenges, including site selection (soil and climate), variety selection, sources of organic seeds and organic annual transplants, organic grafting, planting and training/staking arrangements, soil fertility and fertilization, crop rotation, and pest (insect, disease, and weed) management. Harvest and yield/productivity are closely related to marketing possibilities. While market conditions are extremely region-specific, this publication also addresses a few general principles on marketing and economics of organic tomatoes.

Table of Contents

Soils and Organic Fertility
Processing Tomatoes
Managing Weeds
Managing Insects, Pests, and Diseases
Harvesting and Handling
Marketing and Economics
Further Resources

Appendix 1:
Recommended Varieties
Appendix 2: Insects that Attack Tomatoes and Their Controls
Appendix 3: Diseases and Disorders
Appendix 4: Nutrient Recommendations

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