The Organic Chronicles No. 1: Mysteries of Organic Farming Revealed (Hmong language version) Phau ntawv qhia txog kev ua liaj teb tsis ywg tshuaj

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By Rex Dufour and Martin Guerena

Published: 2010

Updated: 2010



12 pages


What is organic agriculture? This illustrated story briefly explains the ecological ideas behind this way of farming. It includes many sources of information about switching to organic methods. This publication has been translated into the Hmong language.

Table of Contents

Mus ua liaj teb tsis ywg tshuaj
Kev kawm thiab kev txais ntaub ntawv txog ua teb tsis ywg tshuaj
Kev qhia txog khoom thiab kiab khw ua tsis ywg tshuaj
Tu Tsiaj Tsis Tua Tshuaj

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