Montana Farmers Market EBT Manual


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By AERO, NCAT and the Commnuity Food and Agriculture Coalition

Published: 2010

Updated: June 2014



32 pages


Accepting Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits at local farmers markets can be a win-win situation. SNAP is the new name for the federal Food Stamp program. Montanans were issued more than $118 million in SNAP benefits in 2009, and spent more than $31,000 at farmers markets alone in 2009. Accepting electronic Food Stamps allows SNAP clients to use their benefits to purchase nutritious local foods and support local farmers.

Table of Contents

•Why accepting SNAP and debit and credit cards at your market is a win-win situation
•Market manager checklist for accepting SNAP benefits at your farmers market
•How to a start a farmers market EBT project
•Getting authorized as a SNAP retailer
•Setting up the point of sale machine and token system
•Market day procedures
•Accounting procedures
•Vendor education
•How to fund a farmers market SNAP program
 •Success stories
 •Further resources
 •Appendix 1: Third-party service provider spreadsheet
 •Appendix 2: EBT Food Stamp pilot budget sample
 •Appendix 3: Sample vendor token redemption forms
 •Appendix 4: Vendor introduction sheet
 •Appendix 5: Accounting sheet samples
 •Appendix 6: Sample press release
 •Appendix 7: Vendor crib sheet – Farmers market nutrition programs

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