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Micro-Scale Biogas Production: A Beginners Guide

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By Rich Dana

Published: 2010

Updated: 2010



12 pages


Anaerobic digestion is a simple biochemical process by which waste products can be converted to energy. Using manure, plant waste, crop residue, food scraps or other waste products, farmers can reduce their dependence on fossil fuels while saving money, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and solving odor problems (not to mention producing high-quality compost fertilizer as a by-product). This publication provides a beginner's guide to using anaerobic digestion to produce usable biogas on a small scale with a minimal investment.

Table of Contents

Using the Gas
Small is Beautiful
Biogas Basics: The Chemistry of Anaerobic Digestion
Feeding Your Digester
Micro-Digester Designs
Start-up, Operation, and Maintenance
Side Streams
Further Resources Online

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