Small Ruminant Sustainability Checksheet

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By Linda Coffey, Jana Reynolds and Margo Hale, and Hannah Lewis

Published: 2010

Updated: 2010



60 pages


This checksheet is designed to stimulate critical thinking when evaluating a farm that produces sheep or goats. The sustainability of a farm depends on many factors involving farm management, use of resources, and quality of life. The questions in this checksheet are intended to stimulate awareness rather than to rate management practices. Use this guide to define areas in your farm management that might be improved, as well as to identify areas of strength.

Table of Contents

Quick Start
I. Introduction
II. Farm Resources Inventory
III. Farm Planning
IV. Farm Management
A. Forages
1. Inventory
2. Utilization
B. Livestock
1. Nutrition
2. Health
a. Observation of Animals
b. Parasites
c. Sanitation
d. Predator Control
e. Reproduction
3. Breeding and Selection
C. Marketing
D. Records
E. Economics
F. Quality of Life
G. Areas to Improve
V. Systems Management
A. Timing
B. Coordinating Enterprises
VI. Conclusion
Farm Action Plan
Appendix A: About Organic Production
Appendix B: Diseases in Flock or Herd
Appendix C: Resource Assessments
Appendix D: Small Ruminant Resources

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