Micro-Hydro Power: Is It Right for My Farm?

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By Leif Kindberg

Published: January 2011

Updated: January 2011



8 pages


Micro-hydro power projects can sustainably harvest energy from on-farm water resources and produce mechanical and electrical power. Low-impact, nonconsumptive, and "run-of-river," micro-hydro systems can produce renewable power for 20 or more years. This introduction to micro-hydro power will help guide you through the basic considerations for developing a micro-hydro project.

Table of Contents

Step 1 Will Your Resource Meet Your Needs?
Step 2 Can You Use the Water Resource?
Step 3 Calculate the Costs of the System
Step 4 Compare the Costs of Alternatives
Step 5 Financing Considerations
Step 6 Start the Permitting Process
Step 7 Build or Buy the Equipment
Step 8 Install and Check the Equipment
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