Composting-The Basics

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By Tammy Hinman and Richard Myers

Published: September 2011

Updated: September 2011



8 pages


This publication provides a foundation of information for those interested in composting. It addresses a wide range of topics, from the materials that are needed to begin a compost pile to techniques for successfully managing the composting process. A "troubleshooting" list describing common problems and how to address them also is included. In addition, the basics of vermicomposting—using worms to generate compost—are described. Finally, the publication contains an introduction to composting for small agricultural operations such as market gardens.

Table of Contents

The Basics: What You Need to Get Started
The Process: Hot Composting
The Process: Cold Composting
Aeration: Let Your Compost Breathe
Beyond the Back Yard: Composting for a Market Garden
Vermicomposting: Using Worms to Compost

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