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Weed Management in Organic Small Grains

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By Susan Tallman

Published: 2011

Updated: 2011



12 pages


Weed management is one of the biggest concerns in organic small grain production. Often, when a conventional grower considers organic farming, the difficulty of weed control is the first objection. Clean, weed-free fields are a source of pride for most farmers, and it can be difficult to imagine clean fields without the use of herbicides. This publication introduces the multifaceted, comprehensive strategy of weed management used for organic small grain production, combining techniques including crop rotation, sanitation, cultural practices, variety and seed selection and planting, cover crops, tillage, use of organic herbicides, and others.

Table of Contents

Principles, Not Prescriptions
Many Little Hammers
Organic Weed Control Hierarchy
Crop Rotation
Cultural Practices
Organic Herbicides
Extreme Cases

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