Small-Scale Intensive Farm Publications CD




By NCAT Staff

Published: 2011

Updated: 2011



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Are you interested in small-scale, intensive food production but don't know where to get started? This CD contains a series of new publications that can help.

You'll find:

Composting: The Basics provides a foundation of information for those interested in composting.

Equipment & Tools for Small-Scale Intensive Crop Production focuses on equipment and tools for intensive crop production on a small-scale commercial farm.

Pressure-Treated Wood: Organic & Natural Alternatives includes a discussion of currently used materials, lumber treatments using less-toxic materials, decay-resistant lumber species, and an explanation of the National Organic Program Regulation.

Returns on Renewable Energy Investments surveys the costs and risks of investing in wind, solar, biofuel, and other small-scale renewable energy systems.

Small-Scale Livestock Production discusses the benefits and challenges of raising livestock on a small farm.

Specialty Crops for Cold Climates focuses on overcoming some of the challenges of profitably producing local foods in cold climates through seed and plant selection, season extension techniques, and niche marketing.

Sustainable Season Extension: Considerations for Design assesses several greenhouse design elements and their effectiveness at extending the growing season in cold climates.

Biochar and Sustainable Agriculture reviews the current research and issues surrounding the production and use of this emerging biomass energy technology and explores how biochar can contribute to sustainable agriculture.

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