Apples: Organic Production Guide

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By Tammy Hinman and Guy Ames

Published: 2011

Updated: 2011



40 pages


This publication provides information on organic apple production from recent research and producer experience. Many aspects of apple production are the same whether the grower uses low-spray, organic, or conventional management. Accordingly, this publication focuses on the aspects that differ from nonorganic practices-primarily pest and disease control, marketing, and economics. (Information on organic weed control and fertility management in orchards is presented in a separate ATTRA publication, Tree Fruits: Organic Production Overview.) This publication introduces the major apple insect pests and diseases and the most effective organic management methods. It also includes farmer profiles of working orchards and a section dealing with economic and marketing considerations. There is an extensive list of resources for information and supplies and an appendix on disease-resistant apple varieties.

Table of Contents

Geographical Factors Affecting Disease and Pest Management
Insect and Mite Pests
Insect IPM in Apples - Kaolin Clay
Mammal and Bird Pests
Weed and Orchard Floor Management
Economics and Marketing

Appendix 1:
Disease Resistant Apple Varieties
Further Resources

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